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Facebook Helpline Number

650-543-4800 (Press 0 then leave a message)

Facebook USA Address

Facebook, Inc.
471 Emerson St.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605
United States
Phone: 650-543-4800
Fax: 650-543-4801
Press: 650-543-4811

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Facebook India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad

Thomson Reuters
Hi-tech City Main Rd,
Vittal Rao Nagar,
Hitech City, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh, India

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  1. please help me... mera fake account bna rkha hai 3 saal se..mein kisi ko nahi bta skte .. please help me..

    1. after a long research i got this number 1 855 770 7790.. and it did the work for me i am not sure it was facebook or what but yeah it worked

  2. You people are useless. I've been trying to fix a major problem in my account and can't get an answer from you.

    Somehow, I managed to create two accounts with the same e-mail address. When I put in the address, the WRONG one comes up (Paula Slots) and when I try to enter the correct PW for the RIGHT account (Paula Rose), it tells me that I've entered an incorrect PW. I then have to go through the entire rigamarole each time, telling it that it's not me, saying that "I forgot my PW," telling them my name and the name of a friend, having them text me a number to put in and then having to "change" my PW, which I really don't, I just put in the same PW for the correct account each time and it brings it up. I've deactivated the "Paula Slots" account, but it doesn't seem to be working and this is driving me crazy. Will someone PLEASE help me????

  3. plz help me account bana diya h kisine aur koi mis use kar raha h
    uski fd id--bhavna.nema.7@facebook.com h

  4. My account is lock so please unlock my account
    fb id-dineshraghu5@gmail.com

  5. Why are my pictures getting took off and my account banned for between 3 & 7 days with threats of a permanent ban for breaching your guidelines in your opinion? in a court of law your argument would fail as you yourselves are discriminating against white people you say my pictures cause racial upset but many of my friends are Asian or afro caribean so how in hell am I racist because i'm proud to be white even my about page states its not for racists but if one posts there fair enough I take them off but to ban me is ridiculeous unban please or at least review what i'm saying & checkout my friends lists etc.

  6. For security reasons your account is temporarily locked
    If this account reflects your real name and personal information, please help us verify it.

    call me 9900235713
    email id : mkrishnappa1953@gmail.com

  7. i need your help my tagging option temporarily blocked what i can do ? please help me

  8. My account is lock so please unlock my account
    fb id-binay.kumar.3532507@facebook.com

  9. Hi im Joanne my account has been temporaryily suspended saying that its due to suspicious activities, i don't understand this it's a week now please help me out

  10. some security reasons so locked my accunt.so plz unlok

    my mob no 9160905179

    emai id riyasenccd@rdiffmail.com

  11. after submission of proofs also my account is not activated from being blocked please help me my number 8186040842.email id is mskrishna05@gmail.com

  12. i'm not able to see my photos tagged by others... please let me know the solution my number 9819035460

  13. i deactive my fb, the problem is i forgot my paswood to ctive back my fb..please help me..realy need u help..also, i cannot reach my fb with email because i also forgot my pasword email..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help me..help me..contact me on email nurhasyimahl@gmail.com..please help me....

  14. Some body has created an Inappropriate page on Facebook and have used my picture as their display picture... i have reported facebook many times but no action has been taken yet... it is getting inappropriate posts... and the Admin of the page is using pictures of Girls... please help in removing the page

  15. hiii...
    I don't know but how, have been facing some issues from past 1 week.
    1) not able to comment on any of the pages.
    2) not able to see any pictures like unable to open it, not able to see onl9 friends.. and any posted comment..and evrything.
    in short, im only able to login it. and can't do anythng after this. please help me.. please... :( contact me on id : jainshalini00@yahoo.com

  16. Dear Sir Muje har bar 14 din ke liye block kto kiya jata hai ,me jin logo ko janta hnu me unhi ko request bhejta hnu ,ye mera real account hai

  17. meri id bandh ho gai hai main ise kese kholon plzz halp me meri id real hai

  18. I can't login to my account please help me contact me on cherylboehm01@yahoo.com

  19. I facebook chat suddenly break in 1 or 2 mins. whenever I log in. what is the reason. Plz tell me and contact me to email: mangotravinay@gmail.com

  20. kise ne mera fake acc banaya hai n miss use kr raha hai...iqra.kuchay.9

  21. kisine mera facebook accont password badalke chalarahaye.my name Dr Jayanta kumar das.e-mail -beenadaspara@yahoo.in please help me.

  22. write that 'i am facing problem as because the no. Of friends in my list is reducing gradualy....please help me out as soon as possible

  23. I am having a problem here I cannot delete both of my accounts Please Help me out.

  24. hi i m akanksha seth my id is akanksha.seth.1654@facebook.com it is hacked n someone is missusing it plz help me out plzzzzzzzzzz

  25. pls sir my account is block pls call me no: 8681877229

  26. someone hacking in my account and in my name iam trying get back on my facebook account and my account is lock pls call this number 16168416044 use my email on it

  27. iam had hacker on my facebook account and it my account lock of the hacker on my facebook pls me pls

  28. I have been locked out of my FB account for two days now. this is stupid! if this is the way to treat people after years of using it..wow, im supremely disappointed! FB has my number...call me!

  29. FB has my number, call me! I have been locked out of my own account for two days now! someone either hacked it or something. but if you don't call me...then ...